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AquaCrystal Collection
  • AquaCrystal Collection

    Mineral - Travertino/Travertine

    Origin - Italia/Italy

    Acrylic base - 45*45 mm



    In Latin, this stone was known as lapis tiburtinus, meaning “the stone of Tibur”. this name derives from the present-day city of Tivoli, near rome, where it was extracted. It is a chemical sedimentary rock, which often contains traces of fossilized plants. Highly valued by the Romans for its qualities, it is estimated that approximately 100,000 cubic meters of travertine, equivalent to 250,000 tons of stone, were used to build the Colosseum (or  Amphitheatrus flavius)! The travertine parts of the Colosseum are still visible today in the outer ring and in the load-bearing sections of the inner rings.



    Minerale fluttuante in basetta acrilica.Le immagini sono rappresentative del prodotto. Ciascun minerale è differente ed unico. Scopri tutta la collezione AquaCrystal!

    Mineral floating in an acrylic base. Images are representative of the product. Each mineral is different and unique. Discover the entire AquaCrystal collection!


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